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UTorrent Beta µTorrent 3 download torrent


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UTorrent Beta µTorrent 3

UTorrent Beta is a free BitTorrent client. The beta version of the most popular torrent option in the world has some unfinished elements in many functions other than the main release.

Potentially unstable

With over ten years of issues and places as the number one download of BitTorrent uTorrent has created such content quickly and efficiently to download. UTorrent Beta is Versionmit the latest new features and enhancements that may be potentially unwanted by usersTechnologically advanced or those who want to act as reviewers for updates. For this reason, the most frequent users still need to use standard releases. The beta version will be upgraded with new features, some of which are then deleted. This example updates occasional disc optimization including, changing device connections and continuing torrent fast. Regardless of the additional effort uTorrent Beta also has everything from previous stable versions, including variable download Speed, bulk file managementAnd the uTorrent lightweight package has become famous.

For fans

UTorrent Beta is a special choice for those who want to take advantage of new features of popular BitTorrent clients. For the most part, the potential for negative instability is considered vieldie beta version as the available download version is possible with the main version.


– Fix: grow fast – Fix: Fixed problems that can grow indefinitely (slowly)

– Fix: Top-crash from previous build