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Adguard Premium v6 x86 x64 Baby Blue download


feb 17


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Adguard Premium v6

AdGuard provide reliable security and management, which immediately and without your participation filtering web pages to load. AdGuard rid of all the annoying ads, prevent loading of dangerous websites, and will not allow anyone to track online activity.


– Comfort and safety

– You’ll be surprised how much it will be more comfortable and safe Internet will be installed after AdGuard.

– AdGuard for Windows

– A short list of important changes: kiasikupunguzwa presented pamięciWykorzystanieeasy to ychwaneguMae’r filters advertising, new partnership and I know now that it is a different extension, support for new browsers, constant conflict with popular programs and errors in the processing of applications and others added.

– Reduce memory usage

– We optimized memory usage significantly. Now, even if you are using an old computer or become AdGuard runs quietly in the background, without slowing down the device. refers ikilinganishwamatumizi one of the earlier versions. ITrzebaDywedoddThe findings highlighted several times lower.

– Ad Filters

– In addition, a more comprehensive program came AdGuard even. Now users can install any filters advertising. What does it mean? In addition to the filters that are already being installed in AdGuard default, you can add these three, as well as a list of filters that allow advertising block AdGuard in different categories of web pages in different languages, in particular. All this can be done directly in the program,only wybierającfiltr select button you want and chliciwchYchwanegu.

– Display of possible dangers

– Integration with Web of Trust is currently rising at a different extension, which can be turned off. Also, notice when you visit a suspicious site has changed. With the help of a gun, we AdGuard can notify the user immediately about the reputation of websites and sasasababu that site is considered to be suspicious. Categories payments may be in fraud and myląceroszczeń, customerspoor and potentially illegal or anfoesegolprofiad, threats to privacy, and more.


1. unpack and install

2. Next to copy the patch to the installation directory

3. Run as administrator patch

4. patch and wait until after

5. Done.