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AdiIRC 2.4 64/32 Bit torrent download


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AdiIRC 2.4

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If you decide to communicate through the IRC, you need this specialized client and it is now sufficient, but in this article I mean about AdiIRC. This client comes with servers and supports support for add-ons, which can greatly expand the default function. After downloading and installing the program quickly at our disposal on the right side, you will find detailed information about the merging of the server. You canExit Anything you can and can change your last name, select one of the servers and the connection port available.

Keep in mind that AdiIRC will communicate not only with the users of the server, but also to share it with the support of the DDC. If you want, you can open several administrators immediately and change them as a togg between the tabs of your browser. The customer has a large number accumulated. You can add communication servers if you wish.

If you already know this type of program, the whole business, thenIt will not be a problem. You can configure the client to change the channel automatically if the communication deficit can set different tones for alarm events.

Note that AdiIRC is known among colleagues, but that does not mean anything, it creates, there is enough chip and all facilities, so gallafyn recommends it to cooperate with IRC, but at least do not shoot Tests and its own built-in wnioski web server . Once you look at them, you can immediately start talking, and you can add to itTo yourself, I wrote above, if you want, you just remembered to remember.

By the way, I forget to write, do not be afraid of screenshots, I know they are in English, really Russian support, it’s true, it’s not so easy to go, Go to places, click on it The main icon icon window on the General Page In the lower right corner, you can change the language after restarting the program and it is much better.

How to install:

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