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Age of Empires II HD 1

Age of Empires II HD Edition is a re-release of Age of Empires II, the popular strategy game in real time. His name (HD Edition) showed that, in theory, it should include a new high-definition graphics. And we say “in theory” because although the game is still as great as itit was in 1999, the original edition is little change in the schedule, we do not know why he was in full view “HD Edition” called From this, I AoEII download cost? poznadaytse us know.

Game klasiklamanya permainanSetakat, Age of Empires II is one of the top games in the real strategytime, even released in 1999. AOE II is one of the pioneers in the face of the army and hundreds of units, creating epic battles besar.Age Empires II scale is a strategy game, which has been suspended. Construction and research times to civilizations longer than usual. Thus, the game of chessvery playable teliti.AoE II: a long and difficult campaign, is termasukfungsi any folder creation, and in this edition, includes two extended (age-king and conqueror). In this case, the age of Empires II HD Edition is a perfect game, in spite of the passage of time. So where is the problem?

MiskinMasalahremake of Age Of Empires II HD Edition is the new items, which do not justify its existence. To start umogen wait regularly updated graphics in high definition, is not it? The problem is not that AoE II nyamaHD texture. Of these, the data portion was small, such as a fire or water. exceptof the original sound and the voice are the same, and in 1999, they sounded a little off. But the disappointment did not end in sini.1999 version of Age of Empires II has a few bugs that were never solved, such as the inability to have the maximum number of units determined fighter. HD Editionerrors so far. And worse still: it does not add cepatkunci function when dostupeabo find the key automatically. There is a lot of time to debug the game! The only thing that matters in the era of Empires II HD Edition is that it is compatible with the workshop steam, so that the user has a new map, newcompanies and new methods (some of them have created created role AoE II are in the game!). Thanks to this feature, Empires II age anymore.

Fans have come to menyelamatkanAge Empires II HD Edition is a very good game in the remake of the poor. But dyakuyuchyRabota Steam Workshop, this remakeworth. Supporters were unofficial patch is really upgrade the graphics of the game. We can say that the circle closes: the fans of the strategy Age Of Empires II Age of Empires II HD Edition due to strategy fans.