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AnonimoKs additions to Firefox, which provides quick, anonymous survey clamping pindutan.Kung interested in online privacy, anonimoKs a good option. If this feature is enabled, you will choose a random IP, delete cookies to view your public IP, all with metoyuto that onlinelife just that little bit more problems secure.This Hiders IP and proxy are difficult to set up and can cause serious slow search. Not so in anonimoKs. Installs easily as regular Firefox Add-ons, and automatically random “identity.” Clicking on the icon anonimoKsporuchof the address field, then you will be able to choose a specific identification of the present list, including the US, European and Asian IPs.anonimoKs goes a step further than the same service izbrišetekolačiće you did when you exit your website or change their identity, preventing websitevyznannya.Dodatok this also allows the exchange between their services and Tor, but you can include additional information under anonimoKs bar that indicates the person that you are currently connected to, and that IP is publicly visible. Clicking on this information will changeito.anonimoKsvelykyy small service, but not very flexible. Configuration options are very limited to what you see in the interface, but it is, of course, the service is very easy to use. Using the same identity, we also find anonimoKs quickly, but as always, someinstytutypovilnishe than others, especially when selecting even the United Unidos.Kung you looking for rare and random IP tvrdicakada use Firefox, Slobodan anonimoKs options. You can always upgrade to a premium service, but if you’re looking for something more detailed and / or create anonymous,we offer vampodyvytysya to another area.For free, anonymous, random, anonimoKs large, easy to use tool for Firefox.