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feb 17


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Internet has become a challenge for parents, mainly because of the content for adults, essentially, look away from your task. The best way to go about it is that the software can restrict access to inappropriate websites dedicated to these attachments. Anti raises a bad online and offline content and provides parental control over the activities of her rens great. In addition to prohibit access to vendors, block-based chat applicationsOr games, and allows parents to odluńćeduzenbat time to spend their children in front of the computer.

Here are “against” Some of the most important features:


Anti-Block Websites and Predatory Also, do not let the kids see things that you can pre-define for example web site and offensive, temporarily, you can control the filter accuracy.

Limit Internet Chat:

Many known antisoftvare chat and web chat chambers can be limited.

RestrictYou access the Internet, and when:

Odreditbereanzenbait can easily access the internet for hours, even though the game is a unique feature of anti-PC at the time when Greenwich time must be designed.

Takes a complete record of the history of computers:

AntiDetail Block or record any sites you visit.

The balance of traffic data for an overview of the use of the Internet:

You can take a picture of the computer,All pictures, movies, music and web pages.

Boast poverenjaVeb Website:

Anti different sides, recommended by the fit. And you can add anything upmost anywhere.

How are you

– Anti HTTPS URLs to block.