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Autodesk 123D Beta

Autodesk 123D is a 3D modeling and CAD software package designed for amateurs. It is similar to the Trimble SketchUp series and is based on Autodesk Inventor.

Excellent starting point

If you just start to work with CAD and 3D modeling or want to get started, Autodesk 123D will help you disable the lock.helps to develop basic models and drawings with the courtesy of the repository of finished objects and blocks. But do not let the prostate gland of the apartment deceive you because it’s strong, though it’s basic. If you’ve ever played with a three-dimensional tool, you’ll find outthis is no easier than 123D. And although this is not as reliable as other sophisticated tools (which is understandable), there are still a huge part of the tools that 3D enthusiasts require.

simple user interface

Autodesk 123D includes basic and intuitiveApproachGraphic User Interface (GUI) approach, which contains add-ons or toolbars to help prevent audience sharpness. Part of the design takes up most of the space. The component icons are designed to memorize beginners. Icons clearlyshow specific functionality of the tools. 123D decided to get away from the traditional drag and drop and instead chose a convenient and fast click and place. Having said that, the drag and drop mechanism becomes later to improve your position if it makes you happy.