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BitComet 1.39

BitComet is a P2P scene from 2003 and is still a BitTorrent / HTTP / FTP download client.

You can share files with other BitComet users, although it may only be used for files that you can legitimately replace over the Internet. The interface is similar to the interface of the eMule function in the left panel, controls on the top and work of the Sami stream collected in the main window in the middle. Download Start, Stop, Refresh etc options are on BitCometAnd a practical “Delete Torrent and all files” option that removes any unwanted traces from your computer.

Download speed is fine, though not as good as in similar P2P applications such as uTorrent. One of the reasons that BitComet does not have as many users as before, when the market seemed more effective seinund user friendly solution. One of the most useful features, however, the power of BitComet previewThe torrent in turn instead of random,What we order allows the multimedia to take a preview. This is a great way to break a link to avoid it, but on the other hand, it is a much slower download.

Last BitComet is experimenting with features that can call the second or all data sources in the same streams as BitTorrent, and even with colleagues from other streams of all or from the stream. Keep in mind that this is also the first client releaseIs Bittorrent stable 64-bit Edition

Another interesting featureThe BitComet is a smart disk cache that really comes to own high speed connectivity. If you are lucky enough to get a download speed of 500 kbps or more, BitComet activation allows you to frequently write data to access your hard drive. The result is that it does not slow down your computer because large amounts of data may sometimes not receive data.

BitComet is a drawback that the basic interface from time to time advertising is advertised.Another drawback is that the uninstall procedure is not particularly clean. The product application remains the same as in the registry entry, although it can be removed manually and the second one from any good registry cleaning program, such as Revo.

They are easier and popular clients like uTorrent, uTorrent and Azureus, better data retrievalOffer with less confusion.If you, but you have a very fast connection, do not wait to file before and after a torrent client with plenty of werdenund whistleDownloaded from just bells, BitComet may be for you.


Improved GUI: Store the height of the task pane list Torrents History

Improved GUI: maintenance tasks that occur during download error when listing jobs by state sort

GUI Fixed: Add confirmation when screen Hidden parts list torrent peer restore

BugfixGUI gets automatically at a certain time from does not work

Bugfix GUI: open the default system browser URL insteadIE

GUI Bugfix: torrent file should not use the program icon

GUI bug fix: adding a new torrent file, all files, instead of downloading only the selected

Bugfix GUI: The task task entry should not be changed by pressing Start / End

Bugfix GUI: Display Settings – List – Show filter does not work at startup

Use any support for UTF-8 in the torrent file: Bugfix Core