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Code::Blocks 13.12 64 Bit download torrent


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Code::Blocks 13.12

Code :: Blocks is a free IDE for C ++ programming language. It supports 20 different compilers, including Microsoft Visual C ++, C Tiny, Digital Mars and Borland C ++.

Plugins abundantly

The program is due to a number of plug-ins and is fully customizable. Functions such as automatic code formatting or evenWrite a short game integrarirovannomSreda development (IDE) can at any time by selecting appropriate access to the expansion.

Faster construction process

Code :: Blocks released by Makefiles, which makes the assembling process much faster. If it has added support for parallel compilation, the speed,With which you can bake your files will be huge.

Pomoschvsegda at hand (in PDF format)

This Code :: Blocks IDE provides is typical of everyone’s worth: tabs, numbering, color syntax, code completion, smart retreat so on. If you stay duJemals, look only at the PDF guide.