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Counter Strike 1 64-Bit


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Counter Strike 1

We know Counter Strike (original and can not be repeated) some that this game great. But a major problem: this time, you can not play online. Do not worry. We have a gift for you: Counter Strike Z-Bot. This is a great mod for CS downloadable for free, and do not require steam to it!

The solution for those who want to prevent a strike counter strike play Z-Bot, as the name implies, you can play and overall denganBots Bots ynMae game participants who are not human,which is controlled by the game AI (Artificial Intelligence) him.

With this mod you can still enjoy a counter strike after many years can not be done. This version, one of the classic, -Put well. Unofficial support from the valve motion CS is therefore not possible to legally play online. With shoes, at least you can keep even play alJou opponent machine.

Customize your experience

Counter Strike Z-bot includes a number of options to customize your esgidiau.Gallwch amplifydifficulty, they have weapons, management, the actual number, the main disadvantage of this mod is that the author has updated in a few years. Fortunately, according to what we read in the discussion forum, not Counter StrikeZ-Bot is a serious problem.

No zombies or attack: life klasikdi

Counter Strike Neon zombies, Counter Strike Source, Counter-Strike Online 1 and 2, Counter Strike Global Offensive is not a problem the last ychydigflwyddyn counters: the version remains the most popular.That is why we are not surprised that counter strike download most of modeldie reform and most complete. Now it’s time for you to enjoy at last.

The’m the full version of CS CounterMogok you need to download legally from other sources offer, although very difficult at the moment.