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Counter Strike: Condition Zero

The game that launched a thousand trolls for life

All players loved Counter-Strike back in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, but with much more. Valve updated game includes a single player campaign. While there is no history in the single player campaign, which was a good way for players to practice.

Multiplayer is still the heart of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. You can play in their servers with strangers or friends. The xogorecompensaStrategy, teamCommunication and precision. One of the best things about the Counter-Strike franchise, how well-balanced game. Newbies will make intimidation for their mistakes and will be punished, but weapons and strategy weakest, often overcome powerful weapons and lack of strategy.

Novato Get your gun

AufIhr Day, Counter-Strike had the edge in their intense game. The cut was based on contract. Nowadays, it seems timely and simplified, but easy-to-use-friendly and easy. The mouse is used to view / viewAnd move through the keyboard buttons. Several actions can be mapped around the keyboard.

In essence, if you have played any FPS in the last 10 years, Counter Strike: Condition Zero will be a well-known site.

That is not important

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Graphic may dated, but it does not really matter how the game has its own aíndahoxe. The valpis a reward for playing players on the same game over and over again. Each level and each time Counter-Strike game: Condition ZeroWill be very different, keep the game fresh.

Stand the test of time

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero now closes the ranks of his predecessor, Counter-Strike, as a pioneering multiplayer shooter from Valve.