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Counter Strike Global Offensive x64-x86 torrent


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Counter Strike Global Offensive

Title: Counter-Strike: Global Attack

Genre: Action / First Shooter

Year of release: 2012

Developer: Valve Software, Hidden Path Entertainment

Published: Valve Corporation

Exceptions from:

Publishing type: RePack (Steam-Rip)

Interface language: Russian, English

Voice language: Russian, English

Game mode: Multiple (Internet, Local) / Single (bot)

Type: No Steam (No activation required)

Description of the game: Counter-Strike: Global Attack (CS: GO) has regeneratedThe first game was 16 years ago. CS: GO includes new maps, heroes, weapons and their classic CS version of better (de_dust, etc.). In addition, CS: GO includes new game mods, game management systems, global player schedules, and more. “Counter-Strike is a shock to the gaming industry when a very successful fashion became one of the most popular shooter in the world after being released in August 1999,” said Doug Lombardi of “Valve” in the last 12 years, evse is still one of the largest games in the world. Most often appear in racing games and are sold in more than 25 million copies worldwide. GO restores the game and offers anti-strike players known only on personal computers, but also on next-generation consoles and Mac computers. “CS: GO was developed by Falve in connection with Hidden Path Entertainment.

Game version:

Updates automatically when updates run.


– Unlock all weapons;

-Automatic game for latest version;

– Clear setup based on Steam official content;

– Nothing is left, nothing will be abolished;

– Origin of texture and original pattern;

– Pirate CSGO (all items / items in open inventory)

– Quick update for most file compression.

How to install:

– Turn on Steam;

– Unpacking files into one folder;

– Play Counter-Strike Global and set the game;

How do I packnow the game:

– Turn on Steam;

– -Start an attack counter for Counter-Strike on the desktop and wait to update system files;

– Click on the “Start” button if the system finds a new update, your game will be updated through a special setup program. If there is no update, the game will start