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Crusader Kings II v2 32-Bit


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Crusader Kings II v2


Title: King of the Crusaders II

Genre: RPG, Simulation, Strategy

Developer: Paradox Development Studio

Revision: Paradox Interactive

Release date: February 14, 2012 Google Translation

About the game

There may be Dark Ages, but Europe is still chaos. Mr. King besieged the king to establish control over their fragmentedTerritory to compete with. The pope calls for a crusade to protect Christians in the Holy Land be├žalakontrol refuses to give way to the crown uskup-His wealth is now again and a time for greatness. Expand the fiefdoms and support the future of your dynasty. Fill boxes, fans, whippedDeclared a traitor and heretic, to introduce laws and discuss them with hundreds of nobles, each with its own agenda. A good gentleman always needs friends to help him. But be careful, as faithful followers quickly become irreconcilable rivals, and someAgianezinda, when they are ready, and the world, in order to raise your prestige in your name, begs awe. Do not you have to cross MempunyaiApa to become King? Critical periods of King Crusader II in world history in the experience Created by experts to study a great strategy. Medieval EuropeIs embodied in the life of knights, schemes and the main features of this epic game: Beginning of the game at any time in 1066 and 1337 at 1453 arteaneta Choose a Christian and make sure that when you play the master of your dynasty in order to survive his inheritance. In addition to falling characters, you can playPrestige through the center of the feudal dynasty berlanjutKemuliaan keep you – and everything falls apart and the followers of the palace, and according to their own agenda and fight Take the Moor cross, pagan and Heretic. The fight against the invasion of the Mongol horde defendatzekoGotzainek is competitive multiplayerMode in the Middle Ages, to regain control of the other 32 players of the priests.

System requirements

OS: Windows 7Prosesor: GHz Intel Pentium IV or AMD 3500+ RAM: 2 GB RAMHard Disk Area: 2 GBVideo card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon X1900, 512 MB of graphics memory :: Sound card compatible with Direct XAdditional:3 mouse and keyboard buttons