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Dead Cells

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Title: Dead cells

Genre: Action, Indie

Developer: Motion Twin

Publisher: Motion Twin

Release date: Spring 2017

About this game


RogueVania: progressive research interconnected the world with the possibility of reuse of fraud and adrenaline, threatening the struggle: template-based henchmen and bosses, weapons and spells with unique gameplay. With the fact that you have, and do not forget to progress: Unlock new levelsEvery death and explore neotkrytyeChastiCastle as you prepare for the inevitable, secret rooms, hidden sections, interesting sights. Death – new, Rogue-lite, like bagels, rogueschmike! No matter how you call it, the world can always use each other! So, we want to bring to your attention the illegal bagels and Metroidvania, RogueVANIA.Anywho, enough sales promotion, let us Metroidvania closer, really berbicaratetap, user design, interconnected world. IgraProiskhoditOn a large island that will never change. All biomes, bosses and paths between them exist from scratch. Get them – this is another example, Dead dead cells replacing traditional mechanical movements of Metroidvania back. First, by the way you will be scattered, the area seems inaccessible, but the answer to the puzzle will come up as you explore the island. Is that key, a new acrobatic skill spell onalimimutan. After the disclosure of this knowledge will remain with you, which isIs vamChtoby opening a new path for their purpose. Sick sewage smell? Go through the castle and take a breath of fresh air! It is your skills, style of play and mining alone, which you will find your namatukoy RogueVania as long as possible (not so) subtly show us is also greatly influencedWave recent roguelites. Without a reference point to save you from freezing you, adrenaline starts twisting. And when you lose, you lose big, richikawShould make it live. Instead of relying on the leveling design of klassicheskiyFormula and enemy placement, the development of methods allows us to appreciate your instincts, reflexes and the ability to adapt to the evolution of saying it, having realized that pamamaraangeneration words conjure up images of cheap and unattractive levels of gameplay in many players’ minds . So we have chosen the hybrid resolution in each race Mashup carefully designed level piece. The ideaIs to give you a well treated mundosabay feeling ensuring you experience every estNovy do not expect that it will be a walk in the park, though. The Monsters pattern and demanding boss boss will teach you to choose your battles and develop their strengths. Each weapon has its own unique nuance, and prevention and iwasay become second nature as you learn to control the monster monster that will overwhelm the ready. Tara then was difficult, but fair and violentDead? Get to know a little, walk around, enjoy the view from the castle, find a secret room. Thomasat Gwen, our graphic artist, never missed an opportunity to impress your pixels and create a world worthy of study. Who knows, maybe you will learn more about the history of this place?

System requirements

Minimum: OS: Windows 7 + Processor: Intel i5 + RAMMemory: 4GB RAMGraphics: Nvidia GTX760 + Storage: 500 MB prostranstvaDopolnitelnye records available: They only doWhat we do not know