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Driver Booster Free 4 download free torrent


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Driver Booster Free 4

DriverBooster detects outdated drivers on your PC and allows you to download and install your latest versions in one click.

The drivers on your PC – always updated

Updated drivers mean your hardware is working properly and delivers the best performance. Driver Booster makes this task easier when it comes to driving the drivers on your PCState of the Art.

The software takes care of scanning all hardware and installs drivers. IfSome are deprecated, DriverBooster provides the update automatically. Retrieves the installation files and starts the updates.

Driver Booster’s settings allow you to plan regular scans from your PC (daily, weekly, or monthly) to make sure you always have the latest drivers.

Driver Booster also includes a feature that lets you create recovery points before you install the drivers. This is ideal for restoring your PC inIts pre-installation state. If the new drivers cause interference.

All the work done for you

Driver BoosterHas a very user-friendly interface and makes updating your drivers really easy. All you need to do is click two buttons to detect and install updates for your drivers: ‘Review’ and ‘Update All’ (Note: As with Windows, it is necessary to restart the PC Updates are effective).

You also have the possibility,The driver automatically startbooster, when Windows starts, makes the update just a click away. With its quiet mode, DriverBooster automatically installs the drivers in the background without any problems.

Other Driver Update Software Provides a list of compatible drivers, but not the user on which the driver is best for their system. With DriverBooster, the choice is easy because the software selects the driver versions compatible with your PC!


If the drivers of yourComputers are outdated and you are looking for a solution to quickly update them, DriverBooster will do the work for you easily and effectively.