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DU Meter 6

DU Meter is an app that helps control the amount of traffic or data to work through your system, without the need for software to manage networks expensive.

DU Meter is a free utility that contains a system loginnaFlexible widely, and it works with virtually all types of network connections including phone modems, DSL, cable modem, LAN and satellite. By using DU Meter, you can observe or expect sudden changes and even receive alerts on network or dangerous work without backgroundinaasahan.Mula app pretty, DU Meter now been improved to make it a series of wonderful love in the graphical user interface and additional new mini project carried discreetly in. In addition, the program now uses the database engine realWhich allows for notification and accurate information about network activity unusual. It should be noted naWindows Vista, DU Meter is easily accessibly thanks to gadget sidebar unfortunately not available in other versions ofWindows.

For basic network monitoring and prevention activities aaksayaInternet unexpected or unusual, DU Meter has it all.


Improvement in

Local separation after upgrading from versions of files in local some are not updated correctly during the upgrade.

These settings optionsHours wikaDu not reflect the actual effect GUI.

typos and other minor errors in local fixed.

DU Meter title bar displays an error message after changing the language.

GUII solution

DU Meter taskband work properly onWindows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7 when the team is affected classics.

Viewer connection does not show a name for a number of processes.

ViewerLink network now fully supports IPv6.

Mini model can be used regardless of the SecondDU Meter band taskbar can see or not.

DU Meter “alert” sounds good cut.

Discuss notice registration has not shown naapplicaton full screen is active (games, videos, etc.)

Notification of registration show sometime aftera reboot.

Startup and shutdown solution

DUMeter over failed to start on Windows startup if a login is used.

DU Meter service sometimes may not start properly in some hardComputerSSD with Windows XP (and error reports that logs 111 Windows events).

Rare problems in Windows shut down correctly.

Install the update

I installDu Meter should not run if the filter installation baseEngine (BFE extreme bad) will not work properly on the user’s computer.

DU Meter service is clearly set up to filter baseWindows Vista and later.

Services Service install DU Meter, leaves sometimes not registered properly during the upgrade.


Error correction data serviceDU Meter Solution: This error is not recorded in the error message.

DU Meter errors can grow without limit, this report continues this error.

Seal seal serbisyoDuMeter constant: DU Meter can not catch leaks records and desktop notifications are scheduled to run.

IPv4 mask filter used properly if filterCustom IP options specified DU meters.