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Empire Earth Demo

Empire Earth is a strategy game in real time, which covers half a million years of world history. Since the beginning of the time of the prehistoric age of the object is to build his own empire and create a win civilazation everything else. Smart strategic tactics,used during the war for dominance and success.

Use strategy and tactics to dominate

yrgameplay Empire Earth requires the player to gather the resources needed to construíredificios shtoshto leads to civilaztion birth. Many different times availabledevelop later. Starting with prehistoric times and stone until the Renaissance and the digital era and stretching nano epic 500,000 years fully playable. Depending on the age, where different military units, so strelkamy evolved for their tactical plans. severaloymerodraethau play some of which include the British Empire and the Byzantine Greek.

Power Ten Fun challenge building

With the evolution of many kampaniyVyaliki Stone Age to play tanks and submarines Empire Earth weaponery future offers full historical experience. Since the beginningtime is a challenge and fun, especially if you are to conquer the world!