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Facebook Pro 4 FastDL download


mar 17


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Facebook Pro 4

Facebook Pro application is intended only for the use of social networking without your favorite web browser. No installation is required, and there is no choice.

All applications Facebook

After starting the application FacebookPro immediately stimulate your Facebook. The user experience is just what you want, you can log in and read your wall, send private messages, status updates and change account settings, among others as a Facebook.

Unfortunately, the program does not include the optionor special features that enhance the beauty of social networks.

The icons on the taskbar

As FacebookPro application icon pinned to the window. This means that you can access easily Facebookeven this site if your browser is not open classic.

It is not necessary

If you feel like on Facebook and mudahbar dostępneZ task, and then Facebook Pro is the program for you.

Unfortunately, there are allegations that the software is one of the major social networks motivationwindows and no more. It also uses a lot of resources, yangSemasa test about 130 MB of RAM, which is so very limited.