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Farming Simulator 2013

Agriculture Simulator 2013 follows previous games, providing a wide variety of services in the field of agriculture. On-site management in an open world using licensed transport equipment and equipment.

Your goal is common to the money that can be investedIn improving your area. Graphic works better than the truth – cars to leave traces on the ground polymers. Agricultural machinery from real manufacturers such as Case IH, Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini, Same, HorschAn Amazon is slow to expect, but I do not feel real.

You can start yoursTractor in the barn without any damage. The environment as a whole still feels obsolete. For an agricultural simulator, the most powerful environment is more appropriate. As it is now, Farming Simulator 2013 is very good. You can never believe you are fighting elements, but rather onlyFrom agricultural njia.Simulator 2013 is not a major upgrade NAA reeks.Foto still looks obsolete and the general feeling is lacking in character. If you’re an original layer you enjoy, I will love it, but it does not give much to anyone else.

Farm Simulator is a game of driving you around tractors across the country. From clay impedimentGrass courses, this simulator wears you live in a small way.

This demonstration of Agriculture Simulator allows you to experience two missions: the test of time and the earth. The first is the only person, stringslegs mmojaMbio near the obstacles, and the second one should be gently pull,To reap Balta horses on bay. There are medals for a quick time, but it’s not very hard to find gold.

Physics of Agriculture Simulator feel like the foundation. Tractors are very zihamishi and examples ififu and suspensions so it looked like very old. Total charts are functional, but not allItajali need time on earth. Sound, right, inakubalikaLakininie more. Walk slowly and depend on the small island to relax.

Farm Simulator is based on giving. There is no attempt to fuck with some of the farm, so if you drive to enjoy a tractor, Simulator Agriculture did not changeYour opinion. For fans of the farm, it is a different kind of game but spoiled by submitting a short period of time.

A Landbouwat simulator she says it’s as long as you think farming is all yamefanyikaTrekta!