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Hare Krishna 2017

1965: America is in turmoil. Unprecedented introspection and questioning social norms that govern the country. Prabhupada, a modest 70-year-old Swami from India, just come to New York without support or money. He only takes the ancient writings he translated and asks for a firm confidence in his professors he gives spiritual wisdom to the people of the world! Suddenly Prabhupada was furious counterculture movement on the real needs of the world, not necessarilyKnow through political or social revolutions, but through a revolution of conscience. This deviation from the status quo successfully draws the attention of a generation of young people in search of answers to living experimental questions. From a small commercial store on the 26th evening, Prabhupada shares with them the idea of ​​finding the path to true happiness, love and freedom and connecting with his true being. All this, Swami says, begins with just a rhythm, meditative of 16 words Hare mantraKrishna, HareKrishna, Krishna Krishna, Hair, Haartak, Haartak, Taktak, Hair Hair.