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How To Be A Latin Lover

Very nice and very young Max has a dream to get rich without having to work a day in your life. Having made a career seduces rich older women, married a rich woman more than twice his age. 25 years later, spoiled and annoying to wake up next to the now 80-year-old woman, he was surprisedwhen his life ends his younger vendor lifts for cars. Forced to leave his villa and desperate for a place to stay, it should start with his ex-sister Sara and her botanist Hugo alicharivnisin his small apartment. Commenting on luxury, Max uses his passion nephewpartners to reach their target new object of his grandmother, Celeste, billionaire widow. While trying to revive its strength as Latinaamante find themselves bonding with his nephew Hugo, and begins to learn that the Latin lover does love money except as important as the love of hisfamily.

When you leave after 25 years of marriage, the man who made karijeruSEDUCTION rich starshezhinkidebe move with his ex-sister, where you learn the value of family.