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I Am Bread Early Access 9

I am the bread of creators surgeon simulator and believe it or not, you piece of bread. Sounds crazy? It. But never as interesting as the surgeon trainers.

piece madness

If you start, I have bread, you gave a psychiatrist from the patient, the disc is probably not bread but the owner of the house in yakimKavalachakbread of life. He apparently lost his business and his mind mitDas staff entrance on the carpet world and is currently working janitor.

The purpose is not clear. Your only job is to move a piece of bread on the kitchen table to select using 1,2,3 klavishklaviaturyand 4, the angle of bread and drag on the disk to rotate them. It is very painful hlebruhatstsa, which is one of the games that are great disappointments. I was able to pull the bread finally skateboard, although I could not control the skateboard.

the only thing that does not fall on the floor, in this case,falls “rating Edability», until you lose. I ended up “Bread suicide” to fall to the floor until the appointment rating reaches zero.

utsyazhka move Bread

The controls are ridiculously worried, however, and it made sense to give bread bbilshe legs to walk.

As a resultexperiment, keyboard and mouse controls for benutzenIst, bread spends half his time hanging around on the table like a fish out of water.

Similar terms hlezhannyai feel to the surgeon trainers

The graphics are well done and typovodlya production Bossa Studios are very similar in style surgeonSimulator.

The same applies to the realistic physics and hüpfigen, fun soundtrack that sounds like a mix of TV shows and daily bread for Sunday walks.

At least not the best, because the bread is cut

I duzhenezvychayna bread concept. This early release version of Sun finalproduct, but overall it’s just too worried to control a slice of bread and to play to make it fun.