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KoPlayer an Android emulator; Android on the PC desktop your game or application allows to run. In addition to running software Android, which makes it special, Gamer Android or created a number of other features.Swipe and tap the keyboard and mouse commands, map and settings application that lets you customize how this works.

Emulators EpaileakBadira Android a lot of highlights, to a large extent araberaAndroid fuel requirementFor games that do not damage the battery, but most of its competitors have some features that distinguish KoPlayer. Highlight, capture video function, which you can directly emulate screen device. This is very handy for those who want to record their game, even though they still need to go through problems to solve and yours Upload video. Google Play app allows you to download the highlights, but also the market itself.

AsZurejoko mobile phone emulators also Android berrirobeste, KoPlayer his fault; Not all applications run perfectly, but most do, then tap the keyboard control can be time to get used to the change. But Android on your desktop, if you want to play, you can easily select the emulator power.

There are free and without much media player third party as well as video and music foot water PotPlayer another opportunity to have great da.Jende Although most music streamingOr video, today, when you use deneanEz connection data and files stored locally is your only option. PotPlayer excellent media player that can handle a wide range of high-quality media files.Erreproduczioaren is on the devices you have installed the program, but the test is a PotPlayer MOV GB, 865 MB MKV, AVI or Resort GB. Small files can be played without any problems as well. You can support subtitle file srt .ass ikusteko.Ez daPotPlayerInformation in documents and detailed information about the file, including hide details of the CPU and first will play subtitles in the same folder, files must be in the video. PotPlayer large number of options. PotPlayer does its best to achieve the best performance, but the default settings work well gehienentzat.PotPlayer audio files can play video. View the standard or you can download online. ProjectsDocuments audio bit rate, file type, and provides a variety of information about the number of channels you are using. A media player, even presets for the equalizer and they all work well. It is not a replacement for stereo sound, but the sound effects dute.Programak thumb, Korean company, but the program is presented in English, And after installation. It does not show PotPlayer anger, and the tasklist to delete only so that you can use the program in the openSection of the screen to run or more.PotPlayerLehenengo space player is a good choice.Supported formats include a large selection of build more stable and play both video and audio quality is excellent.