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Maxthon MX5 Cloud

Imagine a platform that can be used on any device where you can go from one device to another, without losing the progress of work on the Internet. Imagine that this platform is the browser and imagine that worked cloud. voobrazhateslivy cansurf the internet with it, handle it and manage email from him. You have to imagine, because Makson5 / MX5 here and is expected to be the fastest web browser in history.

They have obarnaliBrauzarv toolbar

TheMaxthon5 / MX5 Cloud allows sprastsitsvashu activitieson the Internet using a browser that works on every device. Maxnote function allows you to select websites and edit as you viditeInformatsiya on the site in the future. Passkeeper function allows the browser to save your passwords in a safe place, and even tough passwords avtamatychnageneravatsand fill them for you. UUMail acts as a virtual post kutiyaKadeto you can get all your emails from all vashihrazlichnye profiles can be classified, create rules, and even respond to their name, but still use the same interfeys.Vy can even createa set of virtual mail addresses and manage them through the interface. The tool itself is surprisingly fast. naiboleeInternet users are used to store random detention or charging function, but MX5 clutch seems to have hardware power of a supercomputer.

sistemaNaistinaUnikalnato surf the web with powerful integrated tools

TheMaxthon5 / MX5interface elegant, but essentially the most efficient and functional way. Tools and functions are intuitive to people who are in between internet users. Window Web bravzerazyavlyaetstsaright, and options tools and files remain. Each section opens to pokazatDopolnitelnye files and tools, which means that you can quickly go to a specific instrument or keep tabs siZatvoreni brilliant save browser. Your progress will be zahavanyv networkso even if you stop abruptly ispolzuyaustroystvo may include another device and continue where you left izpolzvateMX5. The transition from Maxnote (officially self-service terminal), pasivara to UUMail ago in web browser is very easy, thanks sections working at the top of the interface.

Finally, thistool looks to the future

SegaChe theMX5has shows how many Web browser can do, people start demanding other web browsers. It is much more than a browser: it is an interactive tool that can bytnastroit at a very high level to work uparadkavatssvayuon the Internet. TheMX5 is able to help all the social media, which affect the running application developer. It has the flexibility and power that can be used as a simple convenience of the Internet instrumentadlya fully use yakastsipersonaliziraniRaboteshta Cloud. previousMaxthon iteration impressive, but this version is completely innovative.