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MediaFire Desktop MediaFire Express 1 x64 download


apr 17


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MediaFire Desktop MediaFire Express 1

Desktop Mediafire Rapidshare is the official client, which allows you to upload files to the server applications in a fast and easy way.

drag and drop

With Mediafire Desktop allows you to drag and drop files and documents in the system tray of Windowsin the lower right corner of the screen, where it will be loaded on the media Firesserveri. There is 50 GB of free space on karistalnikai loads up to 200 MB per file.

URL Delenvia

Mediafire desktop displays an indicator that shows how much time you need to load a specific useful functionwhen working with very large files. Moreover, if the download, it allows dajeURL address that you can use to share a file with someone else.

The program includes siabefunktsiia screen shot, which allows you to take pictures of the screen in PNG format before uploading them orsent to print. It also has a text tool, add arrows and other objects.

jednostavanfile sharing

If you share files over the Internet is a good place for this Rapidshare. I Mediafire desktop makes this process even easier.