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Microsoft Lync 2013

Microsoft Lync has become the standard for enterprise web conferencing and instant messaging. The latest version of 2013, Lync best.


Lync has more features than you can shake a stick at. Microsoft already has many years of experience to create the best chat clients. Lync includes not only the message, but this karibuniwakati video conferencing, and powerful collaboration tools.

soobscheniyarabotat immediately as you expect. You semasakenalan status is clearly displayed next to its name. This situation is well inOutlook, and also let you know when someone is speaking.

Coferencing is one important yafeathures Lync. You can share audio, video, screen and board and elections. Lync is the new version of HD video. Microsoft uses SVC ensures that translirovalosyasno video in 1080p.


free calls and videotelah reviewed stable and can be used even in adverse network conditions. Microsoft has worked hard to make the architecture of the building Lync many opportunities available that can slow down the network inthe event of failure.

razrabotannazad interface has been regarded as a Windows 8 Modern UI. They are flat, white and blue flowers. This inafanyapretty boring, but quickly addapt it.

Lync easy untukdigunakan and all of these functions are presented clearly. Do not look to figure out how to do something, even if you’ve never used an earlier version of Lync before. Float on ways you can method pokazhetvse kuwasilianapamoja him.

Lync take a page from Google Books, with the exchangeexperience on the big screen, where each of the video chat is displayed in the presentation as a whole. This makes it easy gaguge virtual public response.

Environment and polishing

It’s about the environment today and MicrosoftProblemy full mazingirakwa Lync. There is also a Windows Phone 8 app is very nice. There are plans for versions of Android and firmware, as well.

Microsoft knows that not all users will have Lync installed on each computer, so we put in the extra work to build applicationsnetwork for Lync. Any kisasabrowser allow users to log in to merekaLync. Web applications include the ability KHD video conferencing, VoIP, instant messanging and exchange-work.

Last but not least, Microsoft has been vocal about the integration of Lync with Skype. This means that watumiajiLync will have access to your Skype address.


While Microsoft encourages users to use Skype, she refuses communion polzovateleyispolzovat Lync. This should not be a problem, though, asLync is one of the most stable of clients Entertainmentkuzungumza out there today. There are many features that are very good and the interface is well. It integrates with other Microsoft products and Lync environment is satisfactory to use.