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Microsoft Office 2013 torrent


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Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 VL ProPlus English (k86-k64) June 2016


– Language: English (EN-US)

– Channel: Volume License

– version (SP1)

– Architecture: x86 / x64

– Tools for confirmation: English, French, Spanish

– Updated June 14, 2016

Key updates: KB3115162, KB3023049, KB3039795, KB3115151, KB3115154, KB3115167,KB3115163, KB3115158, KB3115015, KB3114725, KB3115164, KB3115033

Security updates: KB3115159, KB3115020, KB3115173

User default settings (slightly modified OCT – Office Setup Tools)

– Skip the license agreement

– Default settings – all programs and features are installed pazmavchanni forExcept Linz * (Office 2013 ProPlus) and Office Telemeters ** (Office 2013 suite / applications) – you can obviously change all the settings that you like

* Linz = Business Skills Office 2016 (why not install it or take it as “optional upgrade” from MicrosoftUpdate-a)

The fact that the setting is set pazmavchanniSkinc for Skins, regardless of whether or not the Skype client computer is running.

If you decide to install Skipe for Business with Office settings, it will run through Skipe Configuration Wizard, which proposes to launch Skype when Windows starts, set Skipe Clickto Call, install Bing as your browser and MSN as thehome page, and then ask you to register.

Here begins the confusion. Which account I use? If you choose a Skype name Yves existing (personal / household) record it set up on your computer vykarystannedvuh identifiers – “Skipper” for your personal business accountsfor your desktop account. If you choose a Microsoft account, it will create a new ID Live ID email address – what you probably do not want to do.

** Telemetriyav office (why you may not zahochatsepadyalitstsa their information)

Control panel telemetryIt reflects the file names and titles of the documents in each list of the latest users that may indicate personal or sensitive information about the user or organization. They takzhenadstroyki and inshyyarashenni that Office uses to demonstrate.

telemetry agentIt collects data on stocks, and the use of other applications and loads them into a shared folder, where it is processed by the service, known as telemetry processor, and inserted in SKL database. telemetriyaPanel kiravannyapadklyuchaetstsa to the database so that it can reflectuse Office files, plug-ins and solutions.

bonus folder

– KMSpico + Microsoft Toolkit BETA 5 (activators)

– Classic Menu for Office (adds Office and palette palette menu in Office 2013)

– Office Tab (Multiple editing faylovv mezhahadnoy tabs with tabs)

– uninstall the previous version (Office2003, 2007, 2010)

– turn off / restore the “Login” in the Office application (reg files)

– Disable / Repair Office 2013 telemetry (reg file)

source files


– Remove all raneeustanovlennuyu version prymatsavanymdeinstalyatara (bonus folder) and, if necessary, restart

– Mount/ Record / Delete ISO-file

– Install Office 2013

– Activate using Microsoft Toolkit (bonus folder, click the “Office”, and ustanoviteAutoKMS Please press “Activate” button)

– Install Visual Studio for Office Runtime (bonusnayapapka)


– Classic Menu for Office + Serial

– Tab Office + Serial

– Changereg reg file Delete / Repair Office 2013 entry for removal / recovery option Login (requires a reboot)

-Merge reg file Disable / Restore Office 2013 Telemetry for removal / recovery telemetry

system requirements

Windows10.7 SP1 + Server / Server 2012 R2 / 2012 / Server 2008 R2 (64-bit version of Office 64-bit)