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Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor GOTY x64 x86 download


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Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor GOTY

Terra-Media * * Mordor’s GOTY shadow (c) WB Games

… Release date: out 2768

The vapor protection …..

# 1 in the world …..

Language … DE / FR / DE / ES / IT / PL / RU / en

But Mordor contradicted the lax

Spirit, you force him to discover the origin of

And the powers of the Rings and the life of a guy of

PostSauro face all this new

Chronicle of the Earth-media.

The game edition state of the year will include:

* Terra-media, the shadow of Mordor (main game)

* Update GOTY edition

Clarify Mr.H *

VA @ The power of the test

Warband hunter VA @ Children

VA for dark @ noble hero

* Chef watch skin

DLC killer * Rune Orc

VA @ of the hunt

Rune VA @ Anor flame

VA @ other burners Warband

VA @ Warband Berserk

Dead rune H ‘

The Warband Crusher H skull

Rune punch secret H

Rising DLC ​​Virgen María

Infinite challenge H ‘

Wisdom VA test @

* The power of the shadow of the DRB

* The speed of the COO test

HD content *

1-Unpack: burn or mount,

2. Install the game

3 – Paste the content of crackingOn the right

Installdirx64 folder

4 – to hell?


The game is updated to build

Information about the launch

Year singulosRelease: 2014

Genre: Rock / RPG / 3D / 3 people

Developer: Monolith Productions, Inc.

Games editor

Type of Publication: Rome

Language for Russian Game. | ENG

Voice Language: UNE

Crack, 3DM

System Requirements:

Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8 (for 64)

Processor: Intel Core i5-750, Intel | 4 965 Intel Pentium, Intel

GB of memory 3

Card ofVideo: GeForce GTX 460 | AMD (5) 850

Sound card, DirectX compatible sound device

Remove space: 41 MB


Players must try to fulfill the role of the family killed Archer Thalion assassin

Saur It’s not just because of revenge is to live, it did not ask you to have much to give him the spirit of it

And he returned to life, and did not give supernatural powers.

He is more prone in the depths of Mordor for the punishment of Thalion. At least the defeat can

Truth Oh, thoseThat to return to him with the spirit of a living being for the world. And learn

During the battle, the inaurescum be.

Any candidate can have a single trip, if the other party has a strong one, he will not meet

The weak points You can then determine the features and activities and the public

The relationships of the enemy. Nemesis mechanical system is perfect.

World Middle Tier: Shadow of dynamic actions Mordor is hungry

Mid-suitable for resheniya.Vseki the Terra-media party player; and the shadow of Mordor

NoHas his arrival

Game features;

To use the image of power to lay hid in the dark, and revenge of the enemy in close combat

Exitiohostibus built conflicts.

The fifth sees an opponents vision ahilessovu limit the weakness of the agreement

This can not be good for him of himself.

This is in the blood of the enemy to come, or the work they were doing. Mordor

Fulfill your will.

We dislike showing the power of the rings became the most feared warrior a multi-level bite.

HistoryThalionocorre between the unfolding of the events of the trilogy “The Hobbit”

And “The Lord of the Rings”.

Dive, it is good or arms, or improve the skills and powers of the.

FeaturesRoME is

Terra-media, in the shadow of Mordor

Do not cut / Recode

UT opportunity to download HD ()


HD packet

Time goes by

Power test

Speed ​​test

Wisdom test

Troll Killer Rune

Infinite challenge

Guardians of burning eyes

Tenebrisnobilis a skin