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Open GL Extension Viewer is a software package that lets users view detailed information about the 3D graphics accelerator they are running. This can be a powerful tool for updating or troubleshooting. It offers more tools and system summaries.

Basic functions and operations

The GL Extension Viewer opens will immediately display all relevant information. This could include rendering, RAM adapter, monitor type used eresolution visualization. It also offersdata about the OpenGL version being used, as well as on DirectX and Vulcan graphics packages. If there is a newer version available, you can use it directly on the download page. You can also manually check for function updates of the appropriate operating system parameters.

Other accessories

The menu on the left side of the page provides additional features such as sending reports, finding new OpenGL drivers and accessing this sectionHelp Although basically for personal computers, there is also Open GL Visorfor mobile. You can also get it by using the menu on the left.