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Netscape Navigator 9

This is the end of the road to what is the best web browser in the world. AOL decides to discontinue support for Netscape versions of Netscape very much like Firefox in its features and features, all in a clear turquoise light interface. With tabs, RSS feeds to tie up and organizatsiizakladki, Netscape exactlyLike Firefox. You can also manage your own search engine in the top right corner and add any Mozilla extensions.

From the point of view of efficiency, you can count on the same speed and memory as Firefox. Netscape has a similar number of security features, like the default passwordSSL and TLS encryption.

Two features that Netscape offers that you will not find in Firefox are to support links and a mini-browser. Both appear in the sidebar on the left. I love svyazpanel, which allows you to drag any link in the sidebar. I found that things were very useful,Who do not want to thrust but still somewhere iskahSahranyavayte.

Mini browser, on the other hand, seems a little out of place. She suschestvennopokazat objects in plain text if there are some pages that just want to watch fast. However, I felt that everything seemed a little confusing, especially ifInstead you can open the page in some sections.

ZaversheniePodderzhka Netscape means that this version will slowly become a museum exhibit. The browser even includes a link to Firefox and the flock. Curiosity IzteglyaneSamo.


These security fixes included in Mozilla Firefox are included inNetscape Navigator in etomversiya included add-on that helps users migrate either Flock or Firefox

The addition of WeatherBug has been removed from this version of Navigator.