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Norton Ghost 15

Norton Ghost helps to restore the entire hard drive or selected folders only another partition, a network drive or an external storage device.

Creating a backup in Norton Ghost is very easy. The program will continue step by step wizard first started, which will guide you through the processand it gives you all the options available.

You can configure a variety of work as a substitute in Norton Ghost, as you need, each svojatapostavuvanja. Backup can be easily transferred and adnovlenywowotemuda time when the worst happens. Of course, Norton Ghost lets you change any of these settings latermenu software configuration.

Norton Ghost also create an exact copy of your hard drive (files, iliyopona environment programs). When you back up the entire disk, Norton Ghost will also create a restore point that will allow you to restore your system in the event,if something is terribly wrong.

As an effective and easy to use as it is, Norton Ghost requires just one thing: uvumilivu.Hifadhi mozhazaymae lot of time, so you should probably leave the program that runs in the background while doing something else, even better, the store’s schedule occur,if you do not need to use a computer.

Norton ghost is a reliable, powerful and rahisikutumia backup tools that prevent you from losing important files in case of computer failure.