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Nt Live: Peter Pan 2017

Understanding events, according to experience and the National Theater Live and Today, Peter Pan, famous for producing the scene in London, the favorite story of JM Barries designed by the company. Peter Pan was captured alive in the National Theater and will be broadcast to select theaters across the countryFor khusussatu day of event on Sunday, June 11 When Peter Pan, the leader of the missing Bois, lost his shadow, stubborn Wendy helped him release her. In return, she is invited to Neverland, where Bellaria Fairy Tiger Lily osvetoljubiviKapetan Kuka wait. Satisfaction for children and adults, Sally Kukson)BerhasilIni wonderfully inventive production, co-production with the Bristol Old Vic Theater.

Incredibly, Bill Piper is back in the role of award-winning. A young woman driven to despair unimaginable desires he had a son, Simon Stones Radicals Lorcas highly painful work. UnmissableTeater sold phenomenonIn Vic young, more theatrical critic for the remarkable victory and called the sofa, Burn, # 39; They Piper Lead Performance is described as stunning, amazing and destructive of the # 39; Located in a modern London image, bagpipe women in the thirties broke asamereka want to get pregnant with a simpleClass power for an amazing, shocking culmination. Keep in mind that this version does not have a space.

The story has been told before, but never in this way. Occupying high state desert. Radically from the desert hunger strike. The actual girl dancing will change the course I suggestMelawan.In accused retelling of the famous biblical story turns into a head that sent a girl we call Salom in the middle of a revolution.