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Once Upon a Time in Venice

Once upon a time in the established private detective VeniceAn, Steve Ford, gets his pet dog stolen by the notorious group. To get a dog, he finds himself a gang`s leader and forced to make auction gang`s. At the same time, persecuted by two Samoa brothers a vengeful prophetShark`s credits and some other shady characters are out of the law. Dog best friend at home. Steve shows how far the face is written best friend.

Language: English

Rating: N / A

Total Release Date 15 June 2017

Genre: Action / Comedy

Date and time: Not available

Distributor: FilmsDistribution Sdn Bhd mega

Starring: Bryus Uillis, Jason Momoa, John Gudmen, Thomas Middleditch, Phamke Jansen

Director: Mark Cullen, Rob Cullen

Format: 2D