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Open Broadcaster Software

Video recording and streaming world has taken off in recent years, has become big business and more and more people choose to live and create content to publish on the Internet. Enter Open Broadcaster software, open source solution for creating and publishing live and recorded nilalamanInternet. Download now free for Windows PC and start streaming!

All functions, there is no charge

With the introduction of media sources sepertiYouTube, nervous Hitbok, more and more peoplestart streaming. If you are a player napagpapakita games to play, the artist created the media or even the teacher gives instruction to the audience, the internet is full with live content. Now has never been easier (or cheaper!) To start the flow with the introduction of Open Software broadcasters. Open source means that active community bubuocode danmenambahkan function ensures that each release is tested and found to be stable. This means that all funkciješto expect from streaming software likeGPU capture, subject to .mp4 or .flv output, as well as support for microphone, camera and automatic streaming of your favorite services. Tumakbomaraming screen, displaying images in a web cam image and add your own branding to your presentation.

open sourceperangkat means software can be fully customized

For those unfamiliar with the concept of open source, free magagamitpara all the source code on GitHub and fear koristitibez copy write infringement. Even if you are not aprogrammer or do not feel the need to explore the code, this is good news. As an open source program, a community of programmers make improvements, as well as the creation of plug-ins are offered for libre.Ikaw, as a user, can use plug-ins and features in its broadcast, so you can use the tools that you want the options you need , Transfer open software, as a result, many officials podržanadodaci well as living and active community of developers who supportito.Kailangan advice or help? This is not a faceless organization, it is a community of developers working on this project, karenayang important for them and important to their users have a great experience.


If you’ve ever thought about pagpasokmundo live streaming, it is a good place to start the software Open transfer and you will probably find that you do not moratiići on. With support for the popular streaming channels, various accessoriesand support for hardware, why pay when you can get your choice butuhkanuntuk free flow? For beginners and professional software has something for everyone with a professional choice to compete with some of the more expensive suites broadcasting program exists. Download and try it now, you will not be disappointed.

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