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Past Life 2016

“Past Life” tracks late 1970 Odyssey courage of two sisters – introverted classical musician and journalist violence scandal – as tragic unraveling hidden during the war cast a dark shadow the rest of their lives. 1977, and no woman has ever known fictionmtunzi of classical music. Sefi Milchev, very determined and talented young woman classical composer intended to work, but he knows that the odds against him. Despite this, he is dead for successful izmenitIstoriiin the world of male klasichnaymuzyki. yakena fight weight of history not only for its artistic life – as the daughter of Holocaust survivors who survived, he also has to deal with the sudden discovery of the past, which threatens to tear his family. Nano Milcho – older sister Safi and fierce opponent, journalist skandaletsna directed playwright – believes that it is a wonderful discovery makes it possible to break free from the stranglehold eeProshloe parents. Sefi tired sisters strive to findproblems, but in this case, has no choice but to join poshukuNany reality. One 1977 – the year they tiRais of Egypt Sadat decided