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mar 17


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Psiphon is a special kind of software that helps make sure that the Internet really is a free site that is destined to be. The program is divided government units and limited places to make sure that everyone can have access to the content they want.

teñenmáis not blocked

mostwe come from a problem from time to time trying to enter the site only to discover that it was blocked by the government or other authority. mozheosoblyvoyu problem when traveling as mnogopravitelstvata the world to follow pretoinformación its citizens can access. Psiphonnot really able to avoid the government to block all sites in the network will be available to all, regardless of where you are in the world, whether it’s news sites that interest you or something rebellious nature.

COMOSS this?

MustNote that, although the software is free to use zavantazhennyai is illegal in many countries. However, the creators of Psiphonspetsialni features designed essentially to mask the presence of people using the software, or even hide their identity so that theyThey can not find, at least in theory.