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Resident Evil 7

So, Resident Evil 5 and 6. As Surmised between Resident Evil 4 attempted to restore the magic. However, this is not a joke instead. Resident Evil 7 is a third-person shooter, a lot of hate fans at all, but at least it’s a new thing for the franchise.

It is, in fact, part of the 11th game, but from the seventh point of view of the history of biological weapons.

SilentHill2 has had a huge impact on the design

InDespite short piracy in other franchise genres, the first game Resident Evil 7 returns to the main idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthat terrible survival. The game will return to its roots down only on various aspects of action, suspension increases, a dangerous opponent and leaving less supply. In this game, you are more vulnerable.

You do not abosupratsovniki military police, and do not need training. Joe especially when you are tryingto live. Capcom does not add to the massive level of maturity in the game you want, but Silent Hill 2 family (and scary) to give some style tips, and this is one step in the right direction. Resident Evil game for most fans in front of a step, that is B-movie content with less, but it’s not always a bad thing.

There is no set of scene, daOna, but a small counterfeit / real jump scares, and it’sNot so good.

Atmospheric, dark and horrid

Incisions exotic landscape. Because they are not action-packed and exciting, but because of the atmospheric and scary. There is also mystery and tension, Resident Evil is missing two seconds. Ponogramasound effects and music, dark, wet, strashnai part.

This game does not feel like Evil 4 Respect from a big and terrible, and recalls the first game Resident Evil. SuspensionThe schedule is not the player, most of the fans are waiting. No injury to the game; It’s just a little disappointing.

AngStill, Resident Evil showed 1ren HD-player, Resident Evil reset 7 palyapshennyamozha. But compulsive game, Resident Evil game with Daune something is missing. You can mix the game with ghosts in some media, which makes the game more interesting.


Give her a chance, especially if you resent ResidentEvil 5 and 6. That episodeIt is reminiscent of the first in the franchise to fall again. Perhaps the franchise is not yet dead.

FranshyzaKali brings the dead as Resident Evil. Ezean game and love you until you do not want to sell, if you want to buy before you buy. The game has a wide range of repetitions, but, like most Resident Evil games, losing a frightening factor is more complete.