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Sony Vegas Pro 13

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You can edit a new version of cross-platform professional program, stream video and audio, and even high-level. I think this development is well known, I just recommend downloading Sony Vegas Pro for our project for all news. The program has many tools for editing and processing video and professional video processing modes such as DV and AVCHD, as well as HDV and XDCAM you can save the most accurateAudio stream settings, you can also create surround sound. If necessary, the program will help you record a Blu-Ray disc with all the chronology, and the record will be saved in high quality. You can create simple DVD creation with sophisticated movie, add captions, create multilingual menus, add comments,

Sony Vegas Prok supports a dozen or so resolution resolutions4096h4096 gives you the flexibility to work with a movie with this detail. This is especially trueUseful for advanced users because they visually fit much better. The program can work with RED ONE files, so opening and editing the .r3d file will not work for Timeline because there is still a video file. Sony Vegas Pro has over two hundred effects, including light. Working with the light of the image is much brighter and more possible. As far as possible, keep the details of the light at a professional level, change the focus frame, and just adjust the backlight.to a small part of the program features.

When we consider the interface of the program, it is obvious that it is clear agility, the color is insufficient and has a good job. You can immediately work with different windows by running multiple files. With this program you can create Panoramabilder with very high resolution, supports scanner, image cutoff, all these HD can be made. In general, the features of Sony Vegas Pro can be very long,Only a large number is only at the same time and do not remember, so I think this review can only look a bit stating that I wrote about how to heal the program. Do not forget that this is a professional video software in front of you, so in this case, if I have a master’s degree, Sony Vegas Pro is a must.

After installation, copy the folder generator installed in the generator, then run the list and select the Sony Vegas versionPro 11, it does not make any mistakes. Then, when you click in the slicer, as you specify the folder as a plugin, the program to run in the window for the first time, enter the number in the series, there is no other third in the generator. Then save on another computer, in three areas you choose your computer ID. You will be asked to copy it from the generator and click it before submitting an HTML page request. In general, this manipulationIt can be resolved before the Sony Vegas Pro version.

Creator of the program: SonyCreativeSoftware

License: ShareWare

Language: English + many

Operating System: Windows

To install:

1 run and install

2- registration

3- That’s all. Enjoy the full version