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Space Rogue unpacked torrent


apr 17


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Space Rogue unpacked

Take the role of captain of a spaceship. Lead your crew of the galaxy, where the main objective is for you. As you explore the new world of peace or kidnapping, your ship, crew and ship-to-ship to improve recruitment to engage in intense fighting.

Space Rogue combines strategy, tactics and adventure game, this freedom to explore the entire galaxy, and you have to choose your own goal. sandbox mode, and can improve various parameters miećmożliwośćjoko (enemy forces, randomevents, life, frequency, etc.).

Keep your weapons ready! almost all of the different functions of random events: Every game is different from the last one produced around the world, from the beginning, every time you start a new game

6 races with different functions and combat tactics

Fast and exciting place battle

More than 200 searches and random events (and this is only the beginning!)

umiejętnośćminerał mining planet. Exploration running!

Modusandbox, where productionpermainanalgoritma world, you can increase the parameters of the core game.

Graphic style inspired by the golden age of science fiction

Atmosphere “retro” is the soundtrack