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SPDJ Studio 54 download torrent


apr 17


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SPDJ Studio 54

SPDJ Studio 54 Edition (or SP DJ01 Studio 54 BCN Ed) – DJ tool, which can be downloaded free of charge. It is designed for DJs, allowing them to combine music with various effects.

Not only the general computer

SPDJ Studio 54 Edition dazvalyaevam mix two tracks you can select kutokafolders on your computer. Once you have selected the track, simply drag them to the table to mix and start experimenting.

This virtual DJ has features such as: Scratch, Impact, autoloop, Automix all you needAmateur-Amateur. But it is also a place where a mother.

Studio54 SPDJ Edition – a good deal for beginners, but for advanced users. Compared with the same software, such as Virtual DJ or Traktor, SPDJ Studio54 Edition very limited. You can mix two songs only, while competitors will allow you to combine up nne.Aidha, you can choose music from your computer only when Traktor allows you to import playlists from iTunes.

magchymastsizmeshvannya also very limited. If you have just entered the worldthe DJs, you can get enough, but eventually you have this yampango part.

old style design

Interface and design SPDJ Studio Edition 54 model former. for example, mixing table is too small, and the program very strong influence on the playlist.

Color user interface leaves a lot to be desired. DJ is “playing” with him to his new creation saaau, so yanyhochuts last thing, is to spend time looking red sharp pain.

My first virtual DJ

SPDJ Studio 54 Editioncan be called my first virtual DJ. Since it is free, it is good to know padabaetstsaTsikuchanganya world. But if you like, you’ll quickly want to learn about more advanced programs such as Traktor or Torq. As already an expert, SP DJ01 – this is not something to seek.