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feb 17


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Suntan 2016

The Greek island is hedonistic, an older doctor is obsessed with a young person if they can party hard day together with his group of friends. Costumes for middle-aged, their lives. As a new small island appointed doctor KostisToj spends all winter winter. By the time the summer comes, the island has become a thriving, wild destinations nudist beaches and crazy parties. When Kostis meets a beautiful and flirtatious Anna, he falls hard for her and comes to winAnd egosposobda impress. Until then, Kostis spends most of her time getting drunk, party is hard and even with Anna. What begins as a rediscovery of long-lost youth, though slowly transformed into obsession as Kostis is ready to do anything, Anne to spasimi. Tan said that the beauty and strength of the body of youth, while accepting its inevitable decay.