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The Ellen DeGeneres Show s14e02

Ellen DeGeneres show has always been one of the most famous performances in the world and Aume has received several times. Dutch, owner of Ellen and Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres brings her always a game in maak.Daar excited you a wonderful mix of interviews of famous people, musical programs and music programs,the participation of the audience and parts to focus on real life and the amazing talent in everything contributed to the grope.Ellen age of “no frills” areas, and try to make everyone feel at home, even if they are at home. She regularly takes into account viewers and general markets at the fair to encouragepeople at home send SMS messages, letters and even voice messages. Unlike other chat programs, the host was introduced to the house, Helen, where the DJ attended the house. From the beginning of the series there were four DJs (Scottie K, Johnny Abrahams, D.J. Stricker and Tont Okungboou).Tony Okungbo has been busy for a long time and is probably the largest part of season 1 and 2, and usually season 6. Most of the performances at the beginning of each project, after the opening of the scholar’s gift, Ellen danced with the audience, danced her signature on her coffee table. Made by Warner Bros. Entertainmentat Warner Bros. More than an inch