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The Mimic 2017

Asia South Korea is a mystery of life, in the town of MimicThere accurately mimic the expression to what is in the hill country, so that a human voice can not be – the creature that was Jangsan the Tigris. When human beings is not the voice of the people in the nidum.Ille to attract bad luck, but where is the lamb for a burnt Korea A family-yeon, who suffered from depression with the loss of his son, and her husband, who was of the children, when the Jangsan an expression that falls into it in the spellAmissis the voice imitates the other.

Language: Korean

Subtitles: English / Chinese

Clade: NA

Broadcast Date: May 14 2017

Genre: Horror /glory

Time: Not

Press Book GSC

Artist: Yum Jung-O-Kwon Hyuk Park, Shin Rin Ah!

Director: eh die

Format: 2D

The real kumail Nanjiani between George and Emily V. made a big infirmorum tells the story of a comic born in Pakistan kumail girl with friends to connect with his own series unusstandup. But why are you standing than to live the life we ​​hope for in a Muslim kumail would be in only one of their parents.