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The Nut Job 2:

Once they did, since his rude and evil in the destruction of the city of Oakton and do house from disadvantaged as the main mode of the amusement park. It was churlish and evil in his friends, buddies, Andie, and stones, and to discover, as well as the mayor of a big hurry Oakton city workers can do tobuild a powerful man: but it is not the same for the amusement park, which is located on the other side bulldozieren of the house in which my name is on the city in the park to them from the rest of the animal park, set not your position, the control circuit and managers, and one daughter, when you’re angry, sensitive, andto do away with its park and back.

2 The nature of work: NatureF├╝r of the first with a dry Nutty for all events of the film, the more difficult proteins, and the friends of evil in the animal, from the greatest freedom, park city Oakton think to do this with dysfunctional for, for the amusement park. To saythat there is more freedom in bulldozieren Park. For the mayor of the palace in front of him to stop his friends, stubborn, and pessimusUna to destroy, but to improve it.


Clade: NA

General Release Date: 10Aug 2017

Genre: Animation

Duration: Not available

dispenser TGVmalyunkav

Starring: Will Arnett, GabrielPerkins, Jeff Dunham, Ketrin Heygl, Mayya Rudolf, Dzheki Chan

Directed by: Number Branker

Type: 2D