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The Shining 2017

Frustrated writer Jack Torrance deals with winter protection in a wretched hotel at the top so he can write in the room. When he arrives with his wife and wife, they find out that the previous guardian was crazy. Slowly Jack is obsessed with evil, demonic presence at the hotel.

Back 13 September 1972 An unhappy tragedy took place, where the ferry to Parit Buntar, which led to the death of all 20 passengers, was sunk. Han driver was charged with responsibilityfor him and burdened with citizens. It’s been over twelve years, but Ah Han still can not forget the pain and the damage. One Day is dead and floating along the river. Concerned by the loss of his father, Ah Han’s daughter, Ah Mei, decides to return to his hometown to find the truth to know the spirit of the late tragedy of 13 September.

Language: Mandarin

subtitle: good

Classification: NA

General creation date: September 21, 2017

Species: Horror

Runtime: Not available



Directed by: David Thian

Format: 2D