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TypeFaster 0.4 x64-x86 installer download


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TypeFaster 0.4

Those of us who are in the input field or regularly need large amounts of text that should always be able to use the keyboard correctly. Piece of software to learn “touch type” allows – TypeFaster. In other words, you no longer need to look at the keys to enter the text correctly. This package is completely free and requires very little memory.

Key features and benefits

Currently TypeFasterSupports14 different keyboard languages. Both AmericanAnd British English, is also on this list. Single and multi-player options can be a great advantage if you learn to go with other people. The program clearly shows which fingers are in use, and the source code is available if you want to put it on the website.

Several user-friendly options

TypeFaster – This is a source of income if you are looking for effektivnuyuI to enter a flexible program. More features include three-dimensional lessons designed keyboard for trainersAnd instructors who provide feedback and other accounts available if there is more than one user. It’s just one megabyte of size, so that the old system will not interfere.