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Viber 5.1

For the Windows 10 version of the popular messaging app Viber lets you chat, make calls, send files, and share fun stickers with your contacts. In this way you can have your home phone and your computer.

Chat and call home and on the move

prvistvar you need to knowWhen Viber Download Windows 10, you need to install it on your Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows Phone you. During the registration process, you will enter beradaDiminta phone number you can get the code to activate the application in Windows 10.

At this time, Viber Viberuvezli contact listand integrate it into the application. So you can see all of your friends who use Viber and can begin to communicate with them.

ViberforVindovs 10 allows you to speak and voice calls (no picture) with your contacts, ipodr┼żava label, strange smile on the list formobile terbaru.Versi

The text chats, Viber allows you to create a group chat up to 40 contacts. Unfortunately Viber version does not support group for discussion, so you have to do it one by one.

Viber know kakizpolzvane funkcijeVindovs 10 levels of notification, dynamic iconsand port functionality.

Warning works well and can be displayed on the lock screen of your device. AndaRincian dynamic icon shows your last call or chat, and if you want you can contact with the anchor Doon home has direct access. And the best part: DockfeatureViber allows you to leave the conversation in the corner of the screen when izpolzvatedrugi applications. OK.

The interface is clean and clear, if the version of Viber is very “chic Windows 10,” very modern. It features a very clean interface, with white pozadinomsa purple accents. Switches and elemenniaBesarand designed to be used with touch devices. The only thing I will say is that the interface is very clean, it creates the impression of a rather souless, almost empty.

kachestvopovikvane is striking: in our tests was excellent clarity.

alibez doubt the best Viber users from the user’s perspectivewas able to get them on the phone and computer. This is very convenient because it means that you can chat with friends, while walking beside melanjutkanPercakapan from laptop or desktop computer.

mnogiDobro, yes, but only as a second

Viberza Windows 10 is a comprehensive messaging applications, without a doubt. This gentle,pleasing to the eye and works perfectly on all calls. This is the same as everyone which means the same as all of its competitors.

Doesn’tdo was ViberSkipe line or not. Actually, I do not see sharevideos fileDan or not you can make video calls, this is actually less than its competitors. Therefore, ifnemenggunakanViber regularly on your phone, then it really is not a reason to return to the messaging application.