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Who's Your Daddy?

In Who’s Your Daddy, multiplayer experience, players take on the role as an officer, and play as a father, on the other hand, who plays like a baby. These Papa order to keep the baby safe in their homes during the day (which only takes a few minutes). Meanwhile, the intent of babyto hold the fork in afsetplaatsen, taking oven heated bath time or a bad fall: all the dead and win the round. Then the roles are reversed, and the players again started.

Unfortunately, poor baby

Neda said than the basic needs of the game. The controls are simple: the secondplayer uses the buttons on the mouse and WASD left and their right to move and to achieve their goals. Dad moves faster, of course, but he should! Daddy needs body physics wonkige, dragging the baby, have children and a child who is very close, pale and batteries lying around, tables kacamenjaga familywill be damaged and broken glass produced for food and akoisAuto family car hit a wall, exploded. Father can feed the baby and fruit pill to cure (without consequences) … even if they turn deep green to represent their diseases and injuries.


eachplayer takes the role as a father, and the baby olehputaran. This option is useful and fair, given the fact that both games are very different and asymmetrical. Pope’s work is definitely much harder than the first baby, Nosov complete effort, Dad can get powerups. For example,when installing the battery in the smoke detector or any toys in the toy box, it could be “Bat Dad,” in which he can see through walls Babies do not get power, but nobody should. They are small enough to hide sementaradaddy around and then jump in fullbathtub while she was gone!

A Blast from the past

This can be seen as something good or bad, regardless of the game, but who is your father is not in good graphics.De cartoon style with earth, realistic color similar to the Sims or a similar game in the mid-2000s . The percentage of character and texturefacilities olehrumah found, certainly not professional. animation of the most generously described as “tense”. But it will be hard not to laugh when father oven, really quiet, and opening command to find baby.

A safe bet

Generally considered the father slushnalekakokind of game you can enjoy it, it probably is. Given mudahnyauntuk play and how easy it is to start playing, there is a minimal chance to try it. All you really need to go, a friend (or several!) Copy of the game to come together and willingness to fallin the depths of suburban homes and dirty like a good concierge and vandals.

Who is your father? It is up to you!