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Whose Streets? 2017

This is stated by the activists and leaders who live and breathe this justice movement, whose streets? An incalculable look at Ferguson’s uprising. When unarmed teenager Maikl Braun was killed by the police and lying on the street for several hours, this meant a break for the residents of St. Louis.Mountains of old racial tensions and the renewed anger of people united, to make wakefulness and protest against this latest tragedy. Authorities, artists and professors from all over the country gathered together as many vrijheidsstrijders.Vanneer National Guard descends Ferguson from a military-class weapon,These young members of the community become flames of new resistance. The filmmakers Sabaah Folaian and Damon Davis know this story because it is history. Whose streets? It is a powerful war cry from a generation of hostilities, not for civil rights and the right to life.