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WIN AND MAC OSX Native Instruments

PRO SESSION corners horns are the ultimate playable. 10 instruments perfectly arranged samples at distances up to six pieces.

30 GB library offers the best depth and flexibility of the additional layers of speed and joints. A self-organizing smart solutions give loyal corner of life, regardless of skill level.

Ten ways to play

SESSION Horns PRO provides three saxophones, two trombones, three trumpets, tuba and flugelhorn you. Section 38 presets before ustawionedla gydarddulliau popular obteñacomezou well.

oradjust the brass section with up to six instruments divided into four voices. You can also play any solo instrument with finals realism.

Every detail captured

The library is 30GB corners session PRO is ten times more than in the corners of the session.


Immersed in more than 200 riffs ready to play professionally organized with Animator. Up to six sentences triggered at any time by a switch zawszewcytgord perfect.

Intelligent voice ensures that each partition This note tratadopoloappropriate tool, so mimic the effectiveness of the technique Legato real world to the amazing realism.

Mixer and effects

set levels of individual instruments and panning, EQ, and voice compression each separately and sweetening reverb and delay.

Then add the master effects, including compression, EQ, saturation, filter tape and low-pass. Complete with arbennigyn add content sticky mixture amp simulation.

corners najwyższywspółczesne

Take control of 10 of small precision instruments instinctively give detailsplayable, and ready to perform realistic. 30 GB modern horns valid.

Customize parts of six pieces of horns

huge library of samples provides the highest realism

intelligent play modes for ease of use eventually